Taylor Upton: Virgin In White

Taylor Upton Still Can Wear White!

I thought I’d wear white today while I still have pure virginal thoughts.  I mean this bed is new and I have yet to christen it even with my husband.  I also feel pretty pure in life although I know that being on Dreamnet will change that.Today I’m going to be pure as snow, but by the time Dreamnet is done with me, I think I will be so naughty that I will be wearing black every day.  Do you like virginal type innocent women? I don’t want you to think I’m a bad girl.  I’m just a good girl who goes bad every so often.  It’s okay!

Want access to my virginal bed and pussy?  I’m ready to be penetrated and to share myself freely.   I’m tired of being Ms Goodie Two Shoes!  I want to be known as the easy horny girl!  Can you help me?   CLICK HERE if you want it Like a Virgin.

Natalie: The Gift

Natalie Gets The Gift of Red … She’s Sexy & Ready!

I know how much you enjoy seeing me wear red, because you bought me this gorgeous red satin lingerie to wear. We had a fantastic dinner complete with a few glasses of wine, and then you presented me with a simple gift bag containing this! I couldn’t wait to model it for you. I know you will enjoy watching me take it off slowly.Thank you so much for such a generous gift! CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: November Valentine’s

Rebecca Wants to Celebrate Valentine In November!

I know  you are thinking why would she want to celebrate Valentine in November?  Well first of all, the flowers and candy are cheaper.  I don’t want people to benefit from the fact that someone sent me a Hallmark card!  And besides, I tend to find myself hornier in the Holiday season when it is colder.  I mean, you have to think that is why there are so many kids are born in the months of July and August!  Nobody wants to be alone in a cold bed in November so that is why I think I tend to be more romantic this time of year.

It is that time of year again and you shouldn’t be alone.  Well that’s good because I am here for you and hopefully you are here for me too!  So help me start a new trend and celebrate Valentines in November. CLICK HERE if you want to get hot and horny with me!

Ashley: Hard at Work!

Ashley Getting Hard Cock at Work In Pantyhose!
(Fucked at work with Cumshot!)

I am a self employed cosmetologist that has frequent visits from sales reps who want to sell me their products. I have to do my best to get the best possible price, regardless of the cost if you know what I mean, I cant tell you how many times Ive caught these guys checking out my ass or my tits. Not that I mind at all either. I use it to my advantage whenever possible I must say. SO this guy wants to sell me something , but he also has something on me as he knows about my web escapades. He says that he absolutely will work something out but I have to oblige him, OK . He says REALLY? I say sure! Why not. But you give me the flat iron for free. So I fuck his brains out and milk his cum on my desk and I get a flat iron. Not a bad deal … So if youre looking at my pics during the day … are you HARD at work too?

Coming Soon: Meet Cheryl

Meet Cheryl A Real Life Mom Coming To Dreamnet!

Hi … My name is Cheryl and I’m a single mom of two.  I am very excited about being a Dreamgirl for you.  I am trying to explore all my fantasies and together we’ll see where we can go.  I have had a few of them already and can’t wait to re-enact them for you so I can get photos and videos.  It makes me hot to think of all of you being turned on by me.  I am open to suggestions too.  I would love for your fantasy to become my fantasy.  If you have something you want to see please tell me.  I want to get to know my members too so please send lots of emails and I’ll see you in the forum!

Kisses ~ Cheryl

Kristine Cumz: Meet N Greet Fun!

Kristine Cumz Naughty In Meet N Greet Fun!

You really should make it out to one of these Meet n Greets that I have monthly!  These photos are from a recent one and as you can see, there’s all kind of flashing going on!

Plus I have had a bunch of you ask about shooting with me, and I definitely shoot with fans and members but I usually have you meet me at one of the meets first.  That way we can get to know each other!

Soooooo, make it to the next one – December 4th!  Mark your calendars! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE CRAZINESS AT OUR MEET N GREETS!

Kisses ~ Kristine


Kris Ann: Stockings & Heels

kris ann rabbit reviews rise award winner

Kris Ann In Stockings & Heels Playing With Her Dildo!
(12+ Min. Mobile Compatible HD Video)

I got a pair of new sexy stockings in the mail from a wonder fan and a big dildo. I wanted to show them off to you …  hehe I love the feel of stockings on my curvy legs and the dildo fit in my pussy just right. CLICK HERE & Come on in and watch me spread my pussy nice and wide!

Kisses Kris Ann


Gia: Your Mistress Is Waiting

Gia Your Mistress In Waiting

Your Mistress is waiting for her obedient little slave to come and worship her.  Do you think you are worthy or Mistress Gia? I think you need to prove to me just how worthy you are by allowing me to walk all over you with my black spike heels. If you are lucky little slave I may allow you to suck on my feet.  CLICK HERE on come prove your loyalty to me!

Elli: Lubing Your Shaft Well

Elli Lubes and Sucks His Shaft!

A jar at the sex shop caught my eye today — the label said the contents were guaranteed to make a man CUM! I had to test it! My man let me lube him up and stroke him up and down, teasing and tickling his hard cock while it dripped precum and sex oil all over my hands! Do you think I could make him cum? Could I make YOU cum? CLICK THROUGH TO FIND OUT AND GET ALL THE FULL 1080P HAD MOVIES IN MY CLUB!

Angel: Over The Years

Lone Star Angel Over The Years!

A few weeks ago I was flipping through the pictures we’ve shared together, and it brought back great memories. It’s an album from days long gone, but the thought of you over the years continue to make me smile. It warms my heart to know we’ve shared such great times, and I look forward to many more. As this year comes to an end and another one begins, I can only imagine the new memories we’ll create.

 Remember the day in the park? We were on our way home, and found a roadside park that was vacant. After a stroll about, we had our fun, as I lifted up my skirt for you. What about that weekend out of town that was meant just for me and you. We had no plans, just a chance to reconnect. I wore white stockings with your button down shirt, as I lounged in the big oversized chair… before you joined me for hours of passionate love making. I’m sure you recall the morning you woke me up before daybreak just to go see the sun rise over the ocean. That was a breathtaking sight. I laugh when I think about the old house we snuck into, that was clearly disserted and had definitely seen better days. We thought we were so sneaky, climbing up into the attic and taking nude photos.  In reality, we could have probably stayed there for days without a worry in the world. I hope you’ll enjoy this walk down memory lane. Here’s looking forward to another year together! CLICK HERE!

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