Faith: Every Man’s Dream

Nurse Faith and Cures What Ails You!

How many times have you been sick and dreamt that a sexy nurse would come in and make you feel better?  Or better yet how many times have you seen a sexy nurse and day-dreamed about her giving you some late night servicing?  Well now you can live out those fantasies with Nurse Faith and I will make sure you are left feeling satisfied and begging for more “sick days” spent with me! CLICK HERE for the pictures and HD Video!


Angel: Clear Your Schedule

Clear Your Schedule for an Angel Rendezvous!

The meeting will be cut short today because I have something else that acquires my attention this afternoon. There’s only one thing I need from you right now and that is for you to clear your schedule because I have an aching itch and I’ve chosen you to stay afterwards to scratch it for me. I have just enough time in between to take advantage of you and that’s just what I intend on doing. Go. Obtain the necessary credentials and meet me in my club area for our afternoon rendezvous … CLICK HERE!


Dawn Marie: While The Cats Away …

While the Cats Away The Mice Must Play!

A nice man that is a fan of my site sent me this, thanks Stephen! I just love this outfit, it is probably one of the sexiest one pieces I’ve ever worn.  This weekend I am home alone as hubby travels out of town for a music convention and I am super excited to wear this outfit so perhaps since hubby is leaving me I’ll have to find someone to come over and give it a test run  … VBEG!  You know what they say, while the cats away the mice must play.  Well hubby will be off having fun I am going to drum up some naughty fun of my own. I’ve already been texting some of the guys I know and lining up are rendezvous! It’s going to be awesome to have some strange cock and I plan on wearing this new outfit.   Best part is the stockings and garter are built in so I never have to take them off … hehehe! What do you think? Are you willing to be my playmate while hubby is out of town … if so … CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: Dreamlovers Rejuvenation

Dreamlovers Rejuvenation – (post-Hot Tub)!

I’ve probably said it a million times, but what I do is not an act.  I love what I do here on Dreamnet and there is nothing about embarrassing my husband but rather filling a large void in my life.  I had no idea that the void was bigger and my desire was stronger than I expected or knew it would be, and I’m not talking about that space between my legs.  I grew up in such a conservative community with small town dreams, but at the same time with an appreciation for the arts, creativity, and trying new things.  I did not get on Dreamnet expecting to meet new men for sex, but it has been a great unexpected journey.

Most people must think that these extramarital pictorials just are one time hook-ups done just for sex.  For me they are new relationships that I cherish and they go beyond the bedroom.  In this case they extend into the hot tub.  These relationships have helped Dreamnet to rejuvenate my life and helped me to enjoy things I never thought I’d ever enjoy or knew I would enjoy.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT I ENJOY!


Taylor Upton: In The Tub

Taylor Gets Off In The Tub!

Baths are always fun.  I love a good bubble bath, but sometimes they sure get in the way and you can’t see me.  I also like to get squeaky clean before getting dirty or naughty if you know what I mean!  The best thing about a bath is that it allows me to lay back and simulate sex.  One of things I like to do is flood my pussy with warm water as it feels like a gush of cum all over my pussy.  It is one of my favorite places to masturbate when I am by myself.

Do you masturbate in the tub?  Have you ever tried it??!  I love that you can get messy in the tub and then just wash yourself right there at the same time.  Can you help?  I have some hard to reach places which coud use your touch.  You can also bring your rubber duckie and other tub toys you have at your disposal.  CLICK HERE if you have some good hands and soap on a rope.

Elli: Masturbating the Day Away!

Elli Is Ready To Get Off All Day! HD Video!

Waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work, my mind started to wander… My panties started feeling awfully wet, so I turned on the camera to have some fun with you! I tease you with my full fashioned stockings and vinyl garter belt… then bring out a cool vibe-on-a-stick to masturbate with! Will you rub your cock with me as I get myself off, dripping in front of you? That sounds like fun! CLICK THROUGH TO FIND OUT AND GET ALL THE FULL 1080P HAD MOVIES IN MY CLUB!

Kristine Cumz: Biker Bitch

Kristine Cumz Is The Biker Bitch

I think once you’re a biker, you’re always a biker!  I mean, I don’t have a bike at the moment but I miss the feeling of that big hunk of metal rumbling and vibrating between my legs, the wind in my hair … it made me feel alive, and holy hell did it make me horny!

This update is a bunch of pictures I found from my “biker days!” It could get crazy at times, but I wouldn’t have traded a minute of it for the world!! CLICK HERE!

Kisses ~ Kristine


Cheryl: Is Live on Dreamnet


Welcome Cheryl To Dreamnet – Her First Time Naked Online!

Hi …. my name is Cheryl and I’m a single mom of two. I am very excited about being a Dreamgirl for you. I am trying to explore all my fantasies and together we’ll see where we can go. I have had a few of them already and can’t wait to re-enact them for you so I can get photos and videos. It makes me hot to think of all of you being turned on by me. I am open to suggestions too. I would love for your fantasy to become my fantasy. If you have something you want to see please tell me. I want to get to know my members too so please send lots of emails and please add me on Twitter too!


Serena: Basement Floor Bimbo

Serena Getting Drilled On The Basement Floor!

Without a doubt this is one of the Dirtiest, Naughtiest sets I have ever done and it was all out of lust not planning. That makes it even better! A simple photo set on my dirty basement floor turned into a super dirty (in many way) set with mehaving dirty anal sex on my dirty floor! I had never cum so hard before and It took a while for me to get back to normal after this experience. But it was an incredible encounter and it opened my sex life ( and my ass) up to a whole new world.  CLICK HERE!

Faith: Playing With Pink

Faith and Elli Going Down on Each Other!

Its not often Elli and I get together… but when we do… we really scream the house down!  As soon as she got there, all I could think about was ripping her clothes off, as she stood there in those sexy stockings.  I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy till she was shaking and moaning… and after she came… she threw me back on the couch and went down on me… she had my pussy juice all over her face…and then I kiss her and lick all my juice off of her. CLICK HERE to see both of our big orgasms and imagine our stocking clad legs wrapped around your head… never before seen large format photos!

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