Rebecca: The Seduction of … Part 4

The Seduction of Rebecca – The Final Conversion (No More Hubby) Interracial Video!

Many people notice that my videos are often done on a tripod.   That is because I am not a big fan of having an audience in my room when I make love.  I just can’t relax when people are watching or talking.  Seeing a camera in your face is also uncomfortable.  As you watch this video, listen at the very beginning as you hear the door open and close.  That is my husband leaving after I told him to go home.  After all, this night was my husband’s anniversary present to me.  I was going to cherish every minute of my lover and was not going to share it with anyone.    

Now when you see me alone with my lover you can see that I can just relax and enjoy his cock and the feel of his gorgeous body possessing me.  What you can’t hear is his telling me to come by the following week and the week after that and so on.  When a woman like me lets another man like this specimen inside her,  she’s never going to stop.  Watch as he just keeps drawing orgasm after orgasm out of me.  I couldn’t control myself.  I wanted more and more of him until my body lay limp on the bed.   This is why I am not a pro.  Cherishing my lovers alone and making love is what I am about.  It’s not about a movie or money.  It’s about two people making love.  That way I can give them every ounce of my attention. CLICK HERE! 


Natalie: Fresh Fruit

Natalie Is Serving Fresh Fruit Up To You

Nothing tastes as sweet and juicy as fresh fruit.  Well, maybe something else might … Cum join me at the bar for a drink and a snack.  If you know me at all, you know I can’t stay out of trouble for long, and I can’t seem to keep my clothes on when I am out in public! Do you want to pull up a seat and get into some trouble with me?  I can guarantee you it will be fun! CLICK HERE!

Amanda: So What!

Latina Amanda Say’s So What … The Real Me!

Lately I have felt that all represent a repression for me, I felt tied to my work and the monotony of the day by day … Today I decided to give it a 180 degree turn in my life, regardless of the consequences, now I decide what is best for me, and I will begin to do what I really like. In my rebellious attitude, if something or someone go through, i will break them down. So what if i like porn?, And so what if that’s what I love to do? So what, if instead of being a boring relationship, I decide to enjoy every single secong, meeting new people? So what?

Dawn Marie: Up In The Loft

Dawn Marie A Kept Woman In The Loft

You know I am always working to keep you guys entertained LOL! Even on vacation I have taken a new set of pictures. Took these photos last week in Cobble Square a loft we rented in the Old Town part of Chicago. This place was super cool .. if you follow me on Twitter you probably saw some of the pictures I posted from there.

The thoughts that went through my head taking these pictures. I must imagined being the kept woman on the side for some high power broker. He set me up with my loft in downtown Chicago so we can meet at anytime. He comes over in his business suit and I am all ready for some action. Since he is on his lunch break we don’t have much time so we get down and dirty in a hurry .. hehe! We suck and fuck at furious pace so that he may back to the office but we do savor the moment, and I always make sure he leaves satisfied … CLICK HERE!

Kristine Cumz: Mexican Beach

Kristine Cumz Naked on a Mexican Beach

I’m not necessarily an early riser! I don’t sleep the day away but I don’t get up at the crack of dawn … usually!

On vacation, of all places, I seemed to wake up much earlier than normal! The beach was just across the street and there were houses right there! But one morning, it was so early I figured it was safe to get naked and play! I mean, after all, I was in Mexico and certainly didn’t want to be stuck in some Mexican jail! lol

I started playing in the water and in the sand! It was so fun! I was having a blast and have to admit, I was squealing with delight! I started to play with my pussy and was feeling oh so right when I noticed out of the corner of my eye the caretaker watching me!

I was shocked and surprised! And to be honest, a little scared! But I was sooooo close and I just couldn’t stop myself so I came soo good!

I’m glad I didn’t and I think the caretaker was too!  As we were walking back to the house he came around the corner and told me good morning! And he always seemed to be around whenever I went to the beach after that! lol CLICK HERE

Kisses ~ Kristine

Kris Ann: Locked Up!

kris ann rabbit reviews rise award winner

Kris Ann Locked Up In A Jar!

Here is a fun set of pictures me and a fan put together. He has a gentle giantess fetish and wants me to be his tiny little girl. He keeps me locked in a jar and won’t share me with anyone. When he is in the mood he will let me out and play with me…and I love to play. hehe … CLICK HERE!

Do you have a special kink your into? I want to hear about it… Kisses Kris Ann


Faith: Mistaken Identity

Faith Gives It Up To The Mistaken Identity

Recently hubby and I went to Vegas for a few days… one night after dinner we were both horny and had a fun idea for some pics.  Hubby dared me to go downstairs, find a cute guy, chat him up and ask him to come back to the room for some fun.  Well you know me… I’m not one to turn down a dare hehe  So I dressed up in my sexy black dress, heels, left my panties in the room, and I was off to find me a sexy man!  You’re not going to believe the ending to this story LOL  CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story in my club…

Dreamnet™ 2014-07-27 16:10:14

The Old Race Track

After an event close by we stole away to the old race track to have some fun. What a freeing but naughty feeling thinking we could be caught at any time! It gave me a rush. I took all my clothes off and spread my pussy for all to see who might cum upon us ;)  I’d love it if whoever saw me jerked off to me later.. or maybe even in the woods as they spied on me! What a fun day! CLICK HERE and cum join me naked in nature!

XOXO Kylie

Gia: Fun Times!

Gia Gets Off With Her Rabbit Vibrator & Dildo!
(Pictures & 11+ Min. HD Video)

Just letting go and having fun. Lucky for you I let you in to watch. I am all about pleasing myself here. I hope you can lay back and let yourself go as I do and enjoy all the guilty pleasures. CLICK HERE here and lets be greedy together! Pictures & a 11+ Min. ORGASMIC HD Video!

Angel: Blowjob In The Sun

Lone Star Angel Gives An Outdoor Blowjob!

I saw you watching me, hiding behind the trees as if I wouldn’t see you. I knew you were there for awhile and it did excite me to see you itching in your pants. It gave me a thrill to see how much you were enjoying the scenery. I knew what you wanted.  You were hoping that I’d call you over to me and yank those pants off of you and I was more than happy to oblige. Now sit back and experience again the fun that we had. CLICK HERE FOR THE SLOPPY OUTDOOR BLOWJOB IN THE SUN VIDEO!!


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