Angel: A Squirting Facial

A Squirting Facial on Kristine Cumz!

I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few weeks in Florida, and it allowed me to get to know Kristine; who I already had an online crush on. I had just realized I could squirt, but it was incredibly hard for me to do it, and I had only squirted alone. She was curious and wanted me to squirt on her, but I was hesitant because I’d never done that with another lady, and I wasn’t even sure I would be able to. So, after much discussion I told her I might be able to do that, but she could only watch. LOL. That might sound weird, but I had to focus and her touching me, or even encouraging me, would mind fuck me in the wrong way. She sat in front of me and I was able to squirt and when I did, it was all over her face! She was so turned on that it made the experience amazing and fun. I hope that you’ll enjoy watching as we react to something so new to both of us.

Her and I have talked about that afternoon many times and she enjoyed it so much that she wants me to do it again.. if we ever find ourselves back in Florida. CLICK HERE FOR THE SQUIRTING FACIAL HD VIDEO!


Serena: Fun with Paige!

Serena Wet Is In My Bed With Paige!

What better way to end the Serenawet online adventures then by sharing a set I shot with another kinky web porn lady but never posted on my sit? Cum jump into bed with us as we dress all cute in sexy nighties and cute sock and get kinky with each other. Kissing, flirting and pussy licking is a must as well as some crazy Serena style fun … CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: Bathroom Manners

Rebecca’s Bathroom Manners – Public Fun!

The one thing that annoys me the most about a small office?  In  a business dominated by men, there are only unisex bathrooms at my office and men are not as clean as women!  I am going to have them fix the plumbing and put in a urinal for the barbarian sex.  I’ll have to put a lock on the door too.  Until then though, you guys will have to mind your Ps and Qs so that we can all live together here.  So what I might have to do here is give you all a lesson in bathroom etiquette.  Perhaps to reward you I maybe should provide a little incentive.  Hmmm, what makes you guys really tick and pay attention?  Maybe I’ll have to provide you guys with some incentive. 

I  know you guys want to go into the bathroom with me.  Well now is your chance.  This is actually kind of embarrassing.  A lady doesn’t like to let the guys hear her sounds.  I don’t think I can tinkle with a group of guys watching me.  I get a little shy.  So you want to learn a few girlie tricks?  I am happy to show you what a girl wants out of a guy in the bathroom. Can you help pull my panties down? CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM WITH REBECCA!


Kristine Cumz: Rooftop

Kristine Cumz Gets Off On The Rooftop! ~ HD Video!

I still cannot believe you talked me into getting naked on the rooftop. We were just exploring the area, checking out the views, and you wanted to do something different. Something dangerous and risky.

We were so engrossed in what we were doing, we didn’t even realize the microphone was blocked! LOL – you can hear but turn the volume WAY up! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Kisses ~ Kristine


Natalie: Leopard Fur

Natalie Naked & Naughty In Fur

I borrowed this beautiful fur coat to wear for a special occasion dinner.  After dinner I excused myself for a few minutes and got a bit more comfortable.  Now I have on this gorgeous fur coat with matching heels and not much else. Now It’s time for dessert. My nipples are really sweet. Would you like a taste? CLICK HERE!

Cheryl: All About The Ass


Cheryl Is All About The Ass!

 I’ve had a lot of requests for more of my ass. So, here it is for you.  I have my ass in panties, nylons, jeans, body stocking and bare with oil.  Plus I have some pics in there for you feet lovers and a little more anal play. I’m getting closer to that anal set.  CLICK HERE to see the rest of my pics.


Mizz Lizz: With Ashley Dobbs In Nappies

Sexy Miss Lizz & Ashley Dobbs Luv 2 Wear Thick Nappies HD Video!

This video was made for a fan who loves to see girls get naughty in their nappies. So of course Ashley and I were happy to film all the fun. But this time we added some extra naughtiness to make it even more enjoyable. First we peed in our nappies to make them thick and warm then we brought out the Hitachi wand and took turns cumming. We love to play in thick warm nappies especially when orgasms are involved. Hope you enjoy this too! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE SEXY VIDEOS AND PICTURES ON MISS LIZZ’S SITE!


Kylie Deville: Footjob!

Kylie Deville Is Your Slutty MILF Next Door Giving Footjobs! Pics & HD Video!

This is for all my foot guys! You’ve given me so much love. I want you to experience what it’s like to have a nice slippery footjob from me! Do you like it when I wrap my toes around your cock like this and stroke? I can feel the pressure building up in your hard cock as I slowly work that big load of cum out of you! Oh you’re so hard I love that! It feels so good in my toes! You have an amazing cock. I know I can get you off. I Want a really big load. I want you to cum for me! CLICK HERE!

XXX Kylie your MILF Next Door!

Dawn Marie: Into The Mist

Dawn Marie Getting All Wet & Naked In The Mist!

This week the heat has finally arrived in Phoenix and it’s been over 90 degress .. So I got out my little mister and sprayed myself down. I put a very thin sleeveless wife beater  shirt and my cut up daisy duke shorts and got myself wet.  Nothing like cooling down from the Arizona heat with a mister. What until you see the close ups of my wet pussy just dripping! CLICK HERE and cool down with me but be careful because I think this type cooling down will heat us both up!

Gia: Got MILF? HD Video!

Licious Gia Has MILF for you! Get it in 1080p HD Video!

I have received so many emails from some members and of fans that had seen my scene with Reality Kings ( The Milf Hunter) saying how much you all enjoyed the scene and especially enjoyed the blue sling shot bathing suit they had me in. I was able to find a suit almost identical to the one Reality Kings had me in and had to do my own reenactment. No need to hunt for a milf because you got one right here. CLICK HERE and lets get milfy.

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