Angel: Lesbian Fling – Part 3

My Girlfriend Enjoyed the Strap-On Doggy Style

The weekend fling was soft, sensual and everything in between. Her scent, her taste and her touch kept me wanting more, and it certainly had her asking for more than what I could give her. I grabbed my bag and pulled out a Doc Johnson Strap On. It’s big, but she was so incredibly wet and her desire to have her pussy stuffed was enough for her to bend over and let me take her. She moaned and screamed, grabbing the sheets and creaming all over herself. She was so wet, that her scent filled the room and the leather strap was rubbing against my swollen lips that I could feel my cum running down my thighs.. What an afternoon! We were both exhausted that I fell on top of her as she drifted off to sleep. CLICK HERE!


Kylie Deville: Yoga Pants Stretching

Kylie Deville Stretching & Stripping In Yoga Pants
(Video & Mobile Compatible)

Just back from a run and I need to do some stretching and bending in my hot Lulu yoga pants… won’t you join me as I stretch and bend and my ass wiggles all around in these skin tight pants that give me such a hot cameltoe?! I am getting warm.. I may just have to take them off too and finish my work down stretching naked! Hahaha … CLICK HERE!

XOXOXO ~  Kylie


Cheryl: Indoor Rain


Cheryl In The Shower All Wet & Ready!

 I love the way the water feels on my skin.  Nothing like taking a nice, hot, invigorating shower before bed.  Unfortunately this time I forgot to take off my nightie.  I hope you like the way it wraps tight on my body when it gets wet.  The water got my nipples hard as they pressed through the wet satin. Want to see more of me all bare with my skin and my pussy all shiny wet and clean, CLICK HERE.


Rebecca: Solo Model

Rebecca Tricked into Modeling for Strangers
(1080p HD Video!)

Many of you out there probably don’t realize that I am like you or your significant other.  I am a working mom who doesn’t get much excitement from home life or work.  When I started on Dreamnet over 11 years ago and got naked for another man, it was totally nerve-wracking and embarrassing.   So imagine what it was like for me last month when I got a call from a lingerie company who told me they’d like to pay me to model some of their lingerie in a solo video runway style shoot.  I was flattered, but skeptical.  They had seen me wear their clothing and their website did say they were looking for real amateur models in the Los Angeles area.  The money was not bad so I said okay.  Quite frankly I was just excited to shoot some sexy videos and photos.  A couple days later I got an email from the studio agency taking the videos and we arranged a time.  The next week at the studio in the warehouse district, it was quite embarrassing as I walked in and saw two men.  They were quick talkers and told me they had a small budget and needed to be quick.  They grabbed a crotchless body suit off a rack and told me to change in the restroom.  The next thing you know I’m standing there naked in front of a guy with a video camera and another with a camera.  Both had big erections.

For the next hour I walked around in next to nothing or absolutely nothing, modeling the lingerie for them.  It was almost like dancing in a strip club.  I even played around and touched myself for them as a tease.  At one point they even signaled for me to come closer, but I dared not.  I tried to stay professional.  Watching my ass bounce around in high heels with no clothes on and feeling their eyes glaring at me filled me with excitement.  Well two weeks later I get an email from them with videos attached.  It turns out they weren’t professionals and that they were trying to get a job as videographers, but really weren’t representing the lingerie merchant!  I had been duped! I felt so violated!  I’m so glad they only took video and didn’t have sex. There’s still another 50 minutes of material somewhere. CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS VIDEO WHICH WAS FILMED BY SCAMMING PERVERTS.


Kristine Cumz: Patience

Waiting and Horny … HD Video!

That’s a virtue I definitely do NOT possess! And this time is no different! You’ve kept me waiting and I’m HORNY! I need your cock, so give it to me now!!!

Over 11 minutes of Hi-Def pussy! CLICK HERE!

Kisses ~ Kristine


Dreamnet Bonus Content

Dreamnet Announces Bonus Content from!


This site was created by a group of guys that enjoy having a fresh young amateur girl, multiple girls or a seasoned MILF suck our cocks with their willing mouths until we shoot our hot loads all over their tongues, down their throats or all over their tits. The best part about a Glory Hole is how it’s so anonymous. The anonymity makes it great for us since most of us are either married, have a girlfriend or a high profile career. We started off with 6 of us getting our cocks sucked … CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DREAMNET.COM CLUBS PLUS THE BONUS CONTENT OF GHS VIDEOS!

Dawn Marie: Sex Yourself Into Shape

Let’s Sex Ourselves Into Shape!

I do enjoy my workouts but doing them week in and week out, it gets old. I’ve seen all the fad exercises on TV and those just come and go and nobody keeps up with them. What we really need is an exercises program that we can burn a ton of calories … then I was thinking. Perhaps someone needs to develop a “sex yourself into shape” routine. You know like 20 minutes on top, 20 minutes from behind, 20 minutes squatting down and sucking …. LOL! CLICK HERE and let’s see if we can burn some calories :)

Gia: General Admission

General Admission to Gia’s Extremely Creamy Pussy!

This is a first come first serve show. For those of you who have already purchased your ticket I want to thank you and inform you to please sit back and enjoy the show. When the show starts I ask that you have all your electronics and other disturbances put away for you will not want to miss a moment of this naughty show. CLICK HERE and proceed to climax with me.

Kelly: Welcome To Miami

Housewife Kelly Hits Miami and Sucks Cock With Her New Friend!

 Welcome to Miami!!! Miami Heat that is. She’s my newest and favorite toy! We hung out one time before and it was great but still just a tease (even though we did briefly get it on in a restaurant bathroom). This time, Shawn and I had a whole day with her. Her husband ended up meeting up with us later on too which was awesome because he’s a great guy and Shawn and him really click. Could this be a foursome-friendship? I think it just might be! Lol. So when Shawn and I arrived at the hotel, Miami was already there and we were all supposed to go out to dinner but her hubby wasn’t supposed to show up until later so we had to do something past the time:) So let’s see here…..2 hot girls and one guy with a big hard cock…Hmmm. I guess it’s pretty obvious right? Miami’s husband is cool with that sort of thing so it was okay. We didn’t wanna spoil Shawn too much though so we only gave him blowjobs. We told him he had to wait until after dinner and be a good boy to get in our panties:) Shawn already had the video camera out like he always does so Miami and I just started kissing which was great because I had been wanting to kiss her ever since the last time we met. Her lips are so soft and amazing:) I couldn’t wait for Shawn to feel them on his big dick. I was actually in the mood to suck some cock myself especially since I had a cock sucking teamate because that always makes it more fun. I won’t give any details away but overall, I think Miami and I gave Shawn a thorough cock sucking. With her soft lips and my hoover vacuum mouth, we have all the ingredients for the perfect blowjob;-) Plus, as you will see in this video, we both like to have our faces covered in hot cum. You boys are gonna love Miami! Check out this video and let me know wutcha think! CLICK HERE!


Dee Siren: Covered In Stroker Jizz!

Dee Siren Covered in Stroker Jizz! HD Video!

OMG I love my Siren Strokers. I’ve missed all their dicks and warm jizz all over my body. Thankfully my hubby set up a bukkake with all by boys. Of course I couldn’t help but suck their dicks. Shoving two in my mouth at the same time really fucking turned me on. In the end I had seven warm loads of cum all over my married tits. CLICK HERE AND WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS ON MY XXX HARDCORE SITE!

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