Angel: Taking Care of the Photog

I Swallow The Photographer’s Cum!
HD Video & Pictures

Several weeks ago we were out of town on one of Devil’s assignments; he was in between conference meetings so we shot a few picture sets. That, of course, made him horny but we had literally 15 minutes before he had to be back down stairs in the ballroom. So, I took care of him in less than 10 minutes and he had enough time to get his tie back on and rush down the elevator. This was in an old, historical hotel, so the walls were literally made of paper. I tried to be quiet. Watch and cum when I swallow the load … CLICK HERE!


Natalie: Yard Clean Up

Natalie Cleans Up Her Yard In Pantyhose

I need to get the yard cleaned up and raked up. With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up I was thinking of doing a little decorating with straw bales and pumpkins, too. What do you think? Would you like to help me? I could always use an extra set of hands for all sorts of things …  I wore my fuzzy suede coat, pantyhose and boots to keep warm, but I might have forgotten a thing or two – like maybe the rest of my clothes! I can be really forgetful! CLICK HERE!

Faith: Frolicking In Bed

Faith Wants To Frolick In Bed with You!

Don’t you just love those days when you call in sick to work and snuggle in bed all day with your lover?  Those are my favorite!  You work so hard all year and you rarely take any days off …  so I don’t think work will mind one bit.  Call your boss and let them know you won’t be in to work today because I want you to snuggle in bed with me all day … kissing … licking …  rubbing … cumming … SO TURN OFF THE PHONE AND JOIN ME IN BED FOR AN ALL DAY FUCK SESSION! CLICK HERE!

Gia: Black & White Beauty

Gia In Black & White & Sexy Fun!

Sometimes it is so much hotter to be a bit more reserved and classy then being the slutty milf I am always expected to be. I of course have to give you just enough to leave you wanting and craving much more. CLICK HERE as I know you are wanting more.

Dawn Marie: Pantyhose In The Pool

Fishnet Pantyhose Soaking Wet In The Pool!

With winter coming on and most of the country getting ready for super cold weather I thought I’d share some pool pictures with you. But these pool pictures have a twist.  It’s me in the swimming pool wearing my fishnet pantyhose and enjoying the warm Arizona sun.  Nothing like pantyhose in the pool, right?  It is a very sensual feeling when my pantyhose get all wet and are soaked with water. The tightness of the wet nylon against my skin provides this feeling of being squeezed and hugged in a very sensual way.

So why don’t you come join me in the pool and perhaps you can help me out of my pantyhose so your that hard cock of yours can slide into my pussy! Now wouldn’t that be a lot of fun … sex in the pool too! VBEG! CLICK HERE!

Rebecca: Is The Black Widow!

Rebecca Is The Black Widow This Halloween!

Hey there you Halloweenies!  Well I was looking around and couldn’t find a good costume for Halloween this year.  And a member was going to send me one, but it doesn’t look like his package is going to arrive on time.  I mean costumes are fun, but I’ve never really gotten into the mode of buying a sexy costume when it is going to come off pretty quick anyway.  Besides they are usually hot and uncomfortable.  Besides, what costume is hotter than just being a hot sexy wife, right?  So let’s get down to some tricks and treats!

Happy Halloween! Since my next update is actually the day before Halloween, I thought I’d show off a a little bit earlier.  In case you want to get a costume that matches mine, you can find something good.  What am I wearing for my real costume in public?  You’ll have to come inside and find out.  Then let’s see if you can find me on the streets!  Are you a warewolf?  Come inside and let me see if I can make you howl at the moon!  CLICK HERE!

Amanda: It’s Never Too Late

Latina Amanda In Tight Jeans and Thong!

So, it’s … 3:00 am in the morning, and I just came from a long long long meeting, and I actually  have to wake up at 6 a.m, but guess what? I’m in the mood for some action. I think I drank too many cups of coffee and i’m feeling very excited. Despite of the hour, i think it’s never too late to just have some fun. I guess you also have that feeling, when you can´t sleep… what esle could you do when you are feeling THAT horny?

I decided to take pics while i was doing it, so you could spent the night watching me :P … CLICK HERE!

Kris Ann: In A Jacuzzi

kris ann rabbit reviews rise award winner

Kris Ann Getting Off In the Jacuzzi (Mobile Compatible HD Video)

Have you ever wanted to spy on me in a Jacuzzi? Wonder what I do all alone when I’m thinking of you. Well here’s your chance. I went away for the weekend had a few drinks and enjoyed the hot jacuzzi in the middle of the room. Come sit back and enjoy the view, every inch of me as I slide a big cock in me.

This is the real me. I thought it would be fun not to cut the end of the video out so you can see ME… I really did end up with a nice bruise on my ass. Lol Hope you enjoyed the view… CLICK HERE AND LET’S CUM TOGETHER!

Kisses Kris Ann

Kelly: Riverside Sex!

Housewife Kelly Gets Laid On The Riverside!

Shawn took me away for the weekend for my birthday. As you know I just love the outdoors and now that it’s the fall season. It’s just so breathtaking up here in the North East Mountains. We were on a trail walk when we decided to stop at a quiet little spot the river. Of course Shawn saw a great opportunity to bust out the video camera. Something about having sex out in the open, just gets me going, I think it’s because I have a fear of getting busted and on this occasion, we did!! I was in the middle of sucking Shawn’s dick when another couple stumbled upon us. I was so scared but the thrill of it kept me going. I got so turned on and needed Shawn’s dick in me bad. I leaned back on the rock and he slipped his dick into my wet pussy. Talk about being one with nature! I felt like a wild animal! After I had the most intense orgasm, Shawn flipped me over doggie and just really gave me a hard pounding. I think he must have been feeling the wild animal instinct too. Between thinking I may get busted again and just feeling so free I had to cum twice! That took Shawn for a loop and it wasn’t long before he shoved me down on my knees and stroked his throbbing dick until a yummy load of cum came dropping into my mouth. With a big gulp I swallowed it right up and gave Shawn a satisfying smile. Good thing I swallowed all that cum because I needed more energy to get back on the trail and finish our hike! Haha! CLICK HERE!


Miss Lizz: Naked 4 You!

Sexy Miss Lizz Loves Getting Naked 4 You!

Ahhh there’s nothing like a good old fashioned strip tease to get your blood flowing and make you dick nice and hard. The simple act of seduction is a womans best gift to men. So I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed stripping and getting naked for you! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE SEXY VIDEOS ON MISS LIZZ’S SITE!


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