Faith: See Through Lingerie

Faith In See Through Bodysuit (HD & Mobile Video)

One of my special fans sent me this new lingerie to wear and these wickedly sexy slutty high heels!  It is the most sexy and sensual body stocking I have ever worn!  And I think you’ll agree… it’s see through or open access in all the right places! Come in and get up close and personal with me… lots of close ups in this video… as if you were there in the room enjoying me at the same time!  CLICK HERE!


Natalie: Let’s Warm Up

Natalie Wants To Warm You Up!

It has been so COLD!!! I can’t believe all the snow and rain and ice this winter! It’s a good thing I have my trusty warm red coat – when I wear it I feel much warmer, almost hot. When I come to your door wearing it, you are more than just a little surprised to find out what I have on underneath. I know you will enjoy a bit of a tease as I take off my coat to show you my matching pink lacy bra and thong panty set.  I hope you like it! CLICK HERE!!

Angel: Tagging Along on a Business Trip

I Love Tagging Along On Business Trips

I love joining you on your business trips. You work, no matter where you are, and when I can explore a new city while you’re working, it makes the time you give me even more enjoyable. With that said I want you to close your laptop, turn off your phone and join me in bed. I’ve patiently waited for you to notice that I’m wearing the lingerie you sent me last week, along with the airplane ticket, but you’re so engulfed in whatever the current crisis is that you haven’t even realized I’m here!  I promise that I’ll relieve the tension and clear your head; just give me tonight. Join me today and enjoy me always, no matter where you are. *wink* CLICK HERE!

PS- Rodney, thank you for the Valentine’s Day package. I’ll wear it often and always think of you!


Taylor Upton: Taylor Wants To Be On Pit Girl!

Taylor Wants To Be On Pit Girl!

Well the Daytona 500 was run last weekend and NASCAR is back.  I am ready to be your Pit Girl!  Being as I am from the Motor City, I have always been a big car girl.  Big engines and muscle cars have always been attractive to me.  My daddy said I was always a dangerous girl because I’d jump in the car of any boy who drove something fancy.  Do you think I could be your cockpit girl where I shine your car and spin your wheels and fill your tank? CLICK HERE!

Miss Lizz: Good To The Last Drop

Sexy Miss Lizz’s Wet Pussy Is Good To The Last Drop (1 HOUR Video)

This morning I woke up with a clitty hard on and couldn’t wait to rub one out. So as soon as my hubby left for work I indulged in some naughty bad wife fun. I sat back in my favorite chair and finger fucked myself into a dripping frenzy. OMG that was one of the longest orgasms of my life. Now it’s time to lick the cream off my fingers and off the chair. Mmmm my cum is good to the last drop! Wanna taste? CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE SEXY VIDEOS AND PICTURES ON MISS LIZZ’S SITE!


Kylie Deville: New Lingerie

Kylie Deville In New Lingerie with a Big Fat Dildo!

One of my long time favorite fans sent Me this new cute lingerie. I thought I would slip it on and invite you for a nice sensual massage on the couch here with me. Cum sit down next to me. I’ll rub your neck and make all your cares fade away. Then you can take out that hard cock and stroke it while I put on a little show for you fucking myself with my dildo. My pussy is throbbing and needs to be quenched with that rockstar cock! Hurry up baby… CLICK HERE!

XOX Kylie

Gia: Bounce

Gia Is Slinky and Sexy … She’s Ready! HD Video!

A very good friend of mine XE Photography asked me to be one of his XE models for his site. Of course I was flattered and said yes. I however would never leave my members out. I decided to do this fun video of me in slow motion and fast motion bouncing and dancing around just for you all. CLICK HERE and come have some fun with me.

Dawn Marie: Quick Suck & Fuck!

Dawn Marie Gets A Quickie Fuck and He Cums All Over My Ass! ~ Video!

A couple weeks ago my friend Xaiver called me and was all hot and horny and craving his hard BBC! I was feeling that way myself that afternoon and when he gave me the invitation to come over, so I immediately jumped in my car and headed to his place. We had a real afternoon quickie. I went in and we jump in his bed with no small talk :) It was one of those fast and furious times … I sucked his cock until it was hard and then we simply fucked like rabbits LOL! We didn’t stop until he pulled out and shot his cum all over my BUTT! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO (MOBILE COMPATIBLE) AND WATCH HIM CUM ALL OVER MY ASS! HUGE CUMSHOT FROM BIG BLACK DICK!

Rebecca: Re-Gifted & Anal

Rebecca Re-gifted up the Ass

Well in my last video you saw that my boyfriend shared me with his friend for his friend’s birthday. I had no idea this is what he planned, but I was more than willing to help his friend do his first porno with me. In the last video my boyfriend finished his warm up and passed me to his friend. While my boyfriend was cleaning up, his friend took me upstairs! You see my boyfriend catches up with us in his bedroom and he’s not too pleased by his friend’s lack of etiquette! Well after his friend is finished and goes home, my boyfriend takes back his gift and shows me a proper good time. I kidded him as I felt like I was a toy that he re-gifted!

My lover told me that as my boyfriend that I needed to be used properly and that while sharing me with his friend, his friend did not know how to properly play with me.

I don’t often watch my own videos, so this was a bit of a new take for me.  It is like hearing your own self sing.  I cannot believe the words that come out of my mouth.  It doesn’t even feel like it was me there.  It is almost as if I am watching another person in my body as I take every inch of my boyfriends black cock first in my pussy and then in my ass.  You will have to excuse the “amateur film quality” as I was not even aware at first that they were taping me! I was so wet and drunk.  I can’t believe what a dirty girl I have become taking it in the ass too and so easily! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING.


Serena: Snow Day!

Serena Wet Playing Naked In The Snow!

With all the snow that is falling here in the north east, what is a horny, naughty hotwife to do? Go out and play naked in the snow of course! Enjoy!  CLICK HERE!

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